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Nov 17

Best Practices for Grief – Parental Deployment

This series began with an introduction of multiple grief experiences of youth in foster care placement.  This series continues with a look at parental deployment and its impact on youth. Multiple relocations.  Loss of friendships.  Loss of pets.  Parental deployment.  Death.  These are a few of the many grief experiences military children and teens in …

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Nov 04

November: Veterans, Thanksgiving and Military Families

Have you ever been defined as the problem? You know that feeling when someone says it’s because of the place you lived, the color of your skin, your socio-economic class or earning potential, how long you’ve been with the organization, the school, in your community, or even what gender you are or who you love, …

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Oct 19

Grief and Loss – Grieving Children in the U.S.

Each of us are impacted by grief and loss.  For some, the words “grief” and “loss,” signify the pain one feels after they’ve lost a loved one to death.  For others, the words “grief” and “loss” have a different meaning. November 19, 2015 is Children’s Grief Awareness Day.  In an effort to help spread the …

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Feb 09

Remittances, Poverty and Development

Immigration in the U.S. is a very hot topic that often gets simplified to one word: poverty.  It can very well be that poverty is one of the key issues that has increased immigration trends to the U.S.  However, it is often too easy to compile all the structural and political problems into one big …

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Jan 24

Child Poverty in America

When the recession hit in 2008 I was living in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Port St. Lucie is a small city on the east coast side of Florida about midway in between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.  Florida was hit particularly hard by the recession and the unemployment rate jumped from 8% to 16% in some …

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