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Feb 25

Why We Don’t Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World

How many times have you heard someone say something like, “the world’s population is growing and we need to dramatically increase our food production”? And then, heard someone talking about how more pesticides, fertilizer and genetic engineering is going to help us do it. While the intentions of these people may seem good, these proposed …

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Mar 05

Invisible Threat

About every three days it becomes necessary to take out the trash in my roommates’ and my kitchen.  And on this trip down the hall, we take our brown paper grocery bag full of recyclables.  We diligently separate out our plastics, making sure we do our small part to contribute to the recycling movement.  However, …

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Feb 16

Hitting Close to Home

Last fall, I was having lunch with family friends during a stay in Fort Worth, Texas.  Per usual, we were discussing, family, friends, and our projects at work.  Our one friend began discussing her work for an energy company that was beginning to drill for natural gas.  As she explained the drilling process and her …

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