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Jul 19

The Lottery of Life: Bone Marrow Problem for Minorities

In spring of 2011, I remember coming back home from college after a week full of exams. I could not be happier to be home and be able to spend time with my family. I was watching television with my mom that evening. Suddenly during a break, a commercial featuring Aziz Ansari was shown. He …

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Jun 19

Spread the Word to End the Word

There’s a moment in many social situations when you simply don’t know what to say. Someone has misstepped their boundaries, violated your beliefs, and you don’t know how to respond. The moment hangs in time, as an internal battle rages in your mind. Should you stay silent, stewing in anger? Do you say something? Is …

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Jun 05

Don’t Give Up Hope: Women’s Groups Do Make a Difference

When I started writing my blog last week about the battle surrounding women’s health in Texas I was struck by what a powerful group Don’t Mess with Texas Women had become in just one year. But I was still a little skeptical that they or other groups could impact the system enough to protect their …

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Nov 10

No Shortcuts to Friendship

The world is shrinking. That’s not shocking news to anyone, I know. Mail used to travel via the Pony Express. Explorers had to take ships across oceans. Communication between two people in distant places was often limited to telegrams. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in such a short time. In just over a century, …

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Sep 20

Social Good Summit Recap – Day One

I walked into the 92Y building just a few minutes before the program was scheduled to start. I was attending the Social Good Summit presented by Mashable, the UN Foundation, 92nd Street Y and sponsored by Ericsson, which is a four day event starting September 19th during UN week. I scanned the room looking for …

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Sep 09

Country Over Party

As a college senior, Areeba’s latest post really resonated with me. My friends and I, at the cusp of graduation, are about to get thrown to the wolves. Hundreds of thousands of us will be vying for jobs with much fewer available positions. Some of us will hide ourselves in grad schools, some may take …

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Aug 09

El Sistema: Música para el cambio

El sistema es un programa de educación musical presente en Venezuela (y en algunos estados de los Estados Unidos) que ofrece a niños pobres la posibilidad de volverse músicos profesionales. El programa empezó en 1975, despés de que el economista y músico José Abreu dió una clase de música en un garage a 11 niños …

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Jul 27

Make It Last Forever

Many of us working for social change have used the analogy of trying to teach a man to fish rather than giving him a fish, to explain the work that we are doing. We know and understand that creating long term impact rather than a band-aid solution is the ideal model. So in our efforts …

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