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Jun 26

My Fight for the Preservation of the Cookie Jar

My mom and I have had an ongoing debate for oh… approximately twenty years or so. About what exactly, you might be asking yourself? Nutrition. Childhood nutrition, to be exact. Our debate mainly rests on the question – when it comes to childhood nutrition, is restriction really the best way to go? Let me set …

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Apr 16

“Healthy” Menus Are Not Helping The Obesity Epidemic

Do you ever order from the “healthy” menu of fast food restaurants? Maybe you thought ordering that wrap instead of the burger was a healthy choice. Well, what I’m about to tell you might disappoint you a little. But first, some facts. The American Heart Association reports that 80 percent of U.S. teens have diets …

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Jul 20

Evaluating Conditional Cash Transfers

If you’ve been following the trends in global health care interventions, then you’ve probably heard of something called Conditional Cash Transfers or CCTs. CCTs provide low-income individuals or families with monetary support on the “condition” that they follow certain behavioral requirements. Many of the CCT programs have been centered on education or nutrition. The idea …

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Jun 08

In Support of Breastfeeding

Researchers have found that an early initiation of breastfeeding, or starting breastfeeding within an hour of birth, has the ability to reduce neonatal deaths by 20%. Early and exclusive breastfeeding ensures that an infant is able to receive the proper nutrients and immune system support in the first months of life, providing the optimal combination …

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Apr 20

Put Food First: The World Bank’s Open Forum

The World Bank has asked us to imagine living on $1.25 a day and spending 85 cents of that to feed our families. I have also read about estimates which state that nearly 1 billion people from around the world go to bed hungry every night.  These are thought-provoking facts but the truth is that …

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