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Jan 13

Would YOU be able to survive on $15,000/year?

The U.S. federal minimum wage was first established during the Depression, and since 1933 has risen from 25 cents to $7.25 per hour.  As it stands now, three years will have passed since the last increase in the federal minimum wage, which is currently just over $15,000 a year for a full time worker.  Can …

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Jun 07

It’s Not Time to Retire the “Pink Collar” Label Just Yet

A recent study was released, which compared women’s median wages to those of men who held the same jobs. The study compared the 20 Most Common Occupations for Women with their male counterparts. Among the top five occupations on the list? Secretaries and administrative assistants. Elementary and middle school teachers. Registered nurses. Nursing, psychiatric, and …

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