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Jan 29

What’s in a Twirl?

What’s in a twirl? That which by any other twirl would be so sweet…. Okay so I am taking poetic license with a classic work by William Shakespeare. Yet we should as a society be asking the question “why ask a professional female athlete to twirl and show off her outfit?” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzOeJs0Sh-c ) We should …

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Jul 25

How the Olympics Can (and Should) Do More for Women’s Athletics

It’s almost time for the Olympics! And I, like my fellow blogger Kristen, CANNOT wait. I love the Olympics and everything that goes with it. The emotion. The national pride. The athletes. But with all the things I love there’s one thing that I really don’t. The Olympics, more than any other sporting event, highlight …

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