How Women Help Move an Economy?

Coco Chanel once said in The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman –“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

Many women today have taken that advice quite seriously. In today’s times the world is witness to an extremely upgraded version of the feminine brigade that is ready to take it to the next level.  Women have stepped into different professions and have made a mark for themselves. So much has their contribution affected the professions that they land in, that they are even being considered one of the driving forces for the corresponding economic revenue.

Catalyst, a leading research and advisory organization working to advance women in business, found in an analysis of Fortune 500 companies that those with a greater representation of women in management positions delivered a better total return to the shareholders than those with a lower representation. Research also shows that, not only in the professional or industrial background, but also on the household level, women have proved to be the money channelizing force that brings in profits on a family as well as a societal scale. However, what really makes a woman more productive for any kind of economy than men? What are the qualities that make women a better (hiring, management, leadership, etc.) alternative in a money oriented environment than their male peers?

First, the basic quality that sets a woman apart from her male counterpart is the way she approaches a situation before her. Men, on the one hand, often arrive to conclusions by making comparisons with the most obvious and latest similar experience they have had. Women judge situations on the basis of experiences over long women econ pic 1time spans as well as using these experiences on a 3 dimensional level where they can form a web-like data and inter-relate it to arrive to a conclusion.  Women accomplish all of this in the same time frame as men.  Basically, women come to a more realistic and reliable decision based on instincts and prior knowledge.

Brigham Young once said, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”  Knowledge and education play an important role in this and it has held true. Research estimates that in the BRICS and N11 countries’ investments in female education could yield a ‘growth premium’ that could bring about a GDP growth trend of approximately 0.2% per year. Statistics also suggest that most women in managing positions have show a high regard for their mentors whom they idolize and in many cases these mentors are one of their parents or in extreme specification, their mothers. Co-founder of Zady, Soraya Dorabi, highlights that her career-dedicated mother has passed on a great set of professional values that have been helpful in her endeavor.

Women can also be more flexible in a workplace and understand the discrepancies and forte of their colleagues. They also tend to be more aware of their environment and contribute more in terms of profitable work out of compassion, motivation and need for establishing themselves as professionals. Unlike many men, women leaders often create an environment that helps team members flourish on an emotional scale that helps them relate to their goals personally. This compassionate and nurturing trait brings a ’ value to work’ attitude and sets women apart, making them a better driving force.

Having women setting a parallel in the world today has brought a new dimension to growth of an economy. women econ pic 2 Whether it be managing the small household savings or big drawings of a company’s revenue, women have a strong foothold in channelizing their respective revenues into untouched spaces that have a growth potential and require an upgrade. In turn they are responsible for these beneficial changes that not only improve the way of life but also help in reaping the corresponding benefits.  Owing to this, there are more unimaginable changes that the human eyes await in the future to come.

Women  continue to be strong participants in moving society ahead.  How will you play a part?  Will you help women continue to build and move ahead?  Share with us today, what you are doing towards women empowerment?  Share your ideas and thoughts.



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