Letha Reng

Letha Reng is a current MSW candidate at the University of Southern California and a one semester Intern at the SISGI group. She obtained her BSW from California State University in Chico California. Letha has always had an interest in helping people, which has led to her path in the social work profession. She grew up in a family of chaos and addiction therefore she feels she offers a unique perspective on the cycle of abuse and addiction. She also has an interest in women's issues and has a minor in gender and sexuality. She has previously worked in addiction at a drug rehabilitation facility, and her concentration is in the mental health field. Upon graduation, she has a job offer in a clinical setting working with mental health and addiction. She hopes to gain experience in a macro setting to better assist her clients in the future. Letha believes all social work concentrations are connected therefore it is valuable to gain experience in every arena.

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