Kristal Ibrahim

Kristal Ibrahim is a master of social work candidate at the University of Southern California, an APYD intern at the SISGI Group, and a dedicated educator and student advocate. Kristal’s past experience as a high school counselor, and her current experience as adjunct counseling faculty at a community college, serving students who primarily come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, drive her interest in addressing academic and social disparities at scale. In 2005, Kristal earned her bachelor of arts degree in psychology from the California State University - Bakersfield, and in 2010, she earned her master of science degree in educational counseling from the University of La Verne. When she’s not spending time with family, or working on a craft project, Kristal reads and writes about reducing racial achievement gaps in American schools, raising awareness regarding past and present racism in America, and the impact of capitalism on democracy and the American education system. Kristal enjoys monthly trips to Disneyland, shopping for bargains on cute shoes, and eating at Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, California as often as she can.

Author's posts

(Emotional) Safety First: Supporting Students with Trauma Histories

“As your school counselor, your safety is my first priority.” I cannot count how many times I have said that phrase to students, and I’m pretty good at counting. It was usually one of the first things I said as part of a quick, limits-of-confidentiality spiel, and it helped set the tone for what students …

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