Girls’ Self Esteem Peaks At Age Nine


To be honest with you, none of these statistics look promising. However, one statistic shocked me even more than the rest. Research shows that girls’ self esteem peaks at age nine. Just nineWhat does that mean for us? It means that we are creating a generation of girls, whose self confidence peaks before they even reach double digits. It means that from that point on, their confidence starts to fade, slipping away as insecurities, doubts, and body image issues begin to take hold. How can we reverse this troubling trend? How can we create a generation of girls whose confidence and self esteem continues to rise throughout their teenage years, past the age of nine, propelling them into leadership roles and successful careers?

To continue the discussion, tune in for my online presentation next week called “Redefining Beauty: It’s Time for A Change. It’s Time for A New Standard of Beauty” on August 14, 2012 at 2 pm. My presentation will examine the unattainable standards of beauty that are currently  set by the media. It will focus on the consequences of such impossible standards on the development of girls’ self esteem, body image, and confidence. The conversation’s not over yet. It’s only getting started.


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