Rachel is a college grad from Western Washington University, where she got her Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies. As a daughter of a Vietnam war refugee, she understands the importance and necessity of affordable housing, food accessibility, healthcare, and other social services that every human deserves regardless of their race, class, religion, and orientation. She sees a need for service programs everywhere in marginalized communities. She feels that it is her duty to help and empower others facing similar paths her family did.

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The Disparities and Inequalities of COVID-19: How coronavirus has impacted the BIPOC community

The narrative that the coronavirus does not discriminate based on race, gender, or class is a false concept that needs to be addressed. While in theory, yes, the coronavirus does not discriminate, our systems do. A year into the pandemic, the coronavirus has deepened the consequences of pre-existing inequalities that are placed on BIPOC (Black, …

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