Tiffiny Davison

Tiffiny Davison is currently working on completing her Masters in Social Work at University of Southern California through the Virtual Academic Center. Her focus is in program planning, research and administration. She has received training in motivational interviewing, school-based skill-building group training, and positive parenting. She has volunteered her time with the Special Olympics, Feeding America Organization and Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego. Tiffiny is most passionate about protecting the rights of women and children of all cultures. During her time at the SISGI Group she will focus on cultural violence against women and children, juvenile youth education and women’s rights.

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ADHD: Is Medication the ANSWER?

Taking a look back at my childhood days, I knew I was different than most kids at school.  I was not only shy, but I would get lost in my own world during class.  I would start daydreaming and tune out what the teacher was saying.  I didn’t mean to, but it would just happen. …

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