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Jessica Hernandez is a graduate student studying Social Work with a concentration in Community Organization, Planning and Administration through the University of Southern California. She has worked four years in the field of Child Welfare in upstate New York. During this time, she has cultivated an interest in the effects and influences of the larger institutions (eg. local, state and federal systems) on the ability of communities to adapt to the needs of their residents. In her blog posts, you will find informed discussions surrounding the deepening socioeconomic divide, immigration, and health care changes in the United States.

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Why Redistribution is a Quality Investment

Income inequality. It’s a dirty term, but someone has to use it. Unless you’ve been actively hiding from any conversation, headline, or news report involving wealth and income inequality, you probably already know that the income gap between the mega-rich and the “regular folk” has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell you …

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