Women’s Health in Texas: Why Coverage Might Disappear

Did you know that low-income women in Texas might not have health coverage next year? Do you know why they’re at risk? Because of a decision by the state legislature to deny Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood clinics. The state doesn’t legally have the right to do that if they want to continue receiving federal Medicaid funds. They were given the choice between reversing their decision or losing the $30 million they received annually from Washington. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they chose to stick to their politics and deny funds to the organization because of its affiliation with abortions. Planned Parenthood is currently suing the state to reinstate the funding they lost. If they lose, thousands of women will be without health coverage. The state simply does not have enough money to provide adequate care for women on its own. Learn more about the dangers to women’s health in Texas by watching this short video, and join the conversation today.


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