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Dec 18

Doomsday Tourism

With the End of the World fast approaching, I thought it would be interesting to look at the impact fears of Earth’s imminent destruction are having on tourism. It may seem like an odd line of inquiry, but in fact many people have flocked to areas believed to be, for various reasons, the only place(s) …

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Apr 05

Myanmar and the Politics of Tourism

Several months ago I wrote a post on the future of tourism in Myanmar (better known as Burma), which many groups were hoping to capitalize on in the coming years.  Myanmar has been largely untouched by tourists thanks to a combination of government restrictions and sanctions imposed by countries like the US, and now that …

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Jan 19

Responsible Tourism Reaches Egypt

I’ve written a fair amount about Egypt and the Arab Spring over the course of my internship, but today I’m going to write about something a little different from the usual discussion of politics, revolution, and violence: responsible tourism.  Can it take root in Egypt?  Or is there too much conflict? The Sinai Peninsula is …

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Dec 01

Myanmar: The Final Frontier

The Republic of Myanmar (commonly known as Burma) is not the most tourist-friendly place.  That may change soon, however, as the government seeks to capitalize on the benefits of 50 years of heavy tourist restrictions and isolation: beautiful, unspoiled landscapes and culture.  For decades the country has faced heavy sanctions because of the oppressive regime …

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Oct 12

The Hidden Side of Paradise

What do the countries of India, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, and Brazil have in common? You could say rich histories, luscious and picturesque landscapes, succulent foods and colorful settings. Hidden beneath these vacationers’ paradise; however, is a cloak of secrecy that is a concealing a dark reality. These locations are not only a tourists dream, but …

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Aug 11

Voluntourism: the Good and the Bad

On Tuesday afternoon I gave a webinar presentation on voluntourism, or volunteer tourism, and though it is now available on the SISGI Group Institute for Social Change website, I thought I would give a quick summary of it for those of you who couldn’t attend (or didn’t know about it).  Voluntourism is the combination of …

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Jul 04

Voluntourism in Rural Laos

Since this is a holiday weekend, I thought I would post something a bit more lighthearted: a Youtube video about voluntourism and sustainable travel in Laos.  Voluntourism, or volunteer tourism, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as tourists search for ways to have a unique vacation experience and give back to the …

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Jun 21

Elephants to the Rescue

Southern Sudan’s wildlife could provide it with an opportunity to develop a vibrant tourism industry July 9th is fast approaching. This is the day when south Sudan is scheduled to secede from the north and become an independent nation – something many of us have been eagerly waiting for. Violence has plagued the build up …

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Jun 15

California: An Eco-Friendly Photo Essay, part 2

For part one of my photo-essay, click here. When doing my research for my trip to California, as you may recall, I found a very short list of organic vineyards in Napa Valley; however, once we arrived, signs such as this one were discretely posted at the majority of the vineyards we visited.  I was …

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Jun 08

India’s New Rules for Ecotourism

The concept of ecotourism is frequently misunderstood despite its rising popularity across the globe, which results in an outcropping of businesses and companies that claim to be “eco-friendly” or “environmentally correct” when they are, in fact, nothing of the sort.  Being eco-friendly can be difficult; it’s much easier to cut corners while benefitting from the …

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