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Apr 04

The Homelessness Series: What About the Kids?

According to a report conducted by the Coalition of the Homeless last month, a record high 50,000 people slept in New York City’s shelters this January. Fifty-thousand people. More people are now homeless in New York City than at any time since the Great Depression. Want to know an even scarier fact? Almost half of …

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Nov 07

Why Cavities Matter

Last week, I talked about poor oral hygiene, an underemphasized issue that severely impacts the wellbeing of children globally. In particular, cavities are a common childhood problem which, without treatment, can lower a child’s quality of life. The extreme pain caused by cavities can hinder learning, in addition to causing problems eating, chewing, smiling and …

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Oct 31

In Honor of Halloween

Since today is Halloween, I thought I would take this chance to consider one of the most underemphasized childhood health problems: cavities. While small in size, cavities may end up having a huge impact. In industrialized nations, about 60-90% of schoolchildren are affected, damaging a child’s ability to properly learn and develop. In the United …

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